• Work Health & Safety Policy

Stadium Australia Operations (the Company) is a leading provider of management and hospitality services to venues and events. 

The Company is committed to protecting the health and safety of all workers in the workplace including employees, contractors, service providers and visitors. 

The Company demonstrates this commitment through the implementation and maintenance of a Work Health & Safety (WHS) Management System in accordance with the Australian Standard:

AS/NZS 4801:2001

The Company is committed to:

  • Ensuring compliance with health and safety legislation, regulations and standards;
  • Establishing clear objectives and targets to improve health and safety in the workplace;
  • Providing and maintaining safe plant and systems of work;
  • Implementing a risk management framework which identifies, promotes and continuously improves health and safety performance;
  • Providing health and safety information, instruction, resources, systems, training and supervision to workers as is necessary to ensure their safety;
  • Maintaining written policies and procedures to support and communicate effective health and safety practices;
  • Encouraging active participation and consultation, communication and cooperation with workers in promoting and developing measures to improve health and safety at work; 
  • Actively responding to and investigating all incidents;
  • Ensuring injured employees are returned to suitable work at the earliest possible opportunity through effective injury management and rehabilitation practices;
  • Continually improving the health and safety performance through regular system auditing, evaluation and improvement planning;
  • Communicating the requirements of this policy to all workers and taking steps to ensure that it is understood; and
  • Ensuring adequate resources are made available to implement this policy.

Stadium Australia Operations workers have a duty of care to:

  • Take reasonable care for their own health and safety;
  • Follow safe working procedures applicable to their work;
  • Comply with any reasonable health and safety instruction;
  • Identify and report any hazards and take preventative action, if appropriate,
  • Ensure that the workplace is in a condition that is safe and without risks to health;
  • Actively participate and consult with the Company in ensuring a safe workplace; and
  • Consider the health and safety of other people who may be affected by their actions.

The Work Health & Safety (WHS) Management System will be reviewed annually by management and audited to ensure it remains relevant to our operations and complies with any changes in legislation. 

The Managing Director and senior management fully endorse this Policy and the formal Safety (WHS) Management System that has been implemented.

Managing Director
Stadium Australia Operations                                                                                  
13 May 2014