• Daryl Kerry

Daryl Kerry is the Chief Executive Officer of Stadium Australia Group. Mr Kerry joined the Stadium in 1998 and played a key role in its opening in March 1999. During the Olympic Games in September 2000, Daryl operated the Stadium on behalf of the Organising Committee.

In 2003 Mr Kerry was appointed to the position of Deputy CEO.  In this role, he continued to oversee the operation of the Stadium and assumed responsibility for a number of key commercial areas of the business.  In May 2009, Mr Kerry was promoted to the position of Chief Executive Officer. 


Before joining the Stadium, Mr Kerry worked at a number of sports and entertainment venues in Sydney and held a senior role within the Venue Management division with the Sydney Olympic Games Organising Committee (SOCOG) from 1996 to 1998.


Mr Kerry is also a Director of Stadium Australia Holdings Pty Ltd, Stadium Investments Pty Ltd and Stadium Australia Management Ltd.