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When you become an ANZ Stadium Member, you can claim your 12-month digital subscription to The Daily Telegraph+ on us.

Enjoy NSW’s favourite and award-winning paper, bringing you the best in news, sport and entertainment every day.

Your Daily Telegraph+ Digital Subscription includes up to $610* worth of value in benefits:

  • An exact digital replica of The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph, as it’s printed every day, including all your favourite lift-outs like Sport, League Central, Cars Guide, Taste and more, available at 12:01AM
  • A subscription to foxsports.com.au for live streaming of FOX SPORTS News, extended video match highlights, live score updates and more.
  • Unrestricted Digital Access to dailytelegraph.com.au, heraldsun.com.au, couriermail.com.au and advertiser.com.au on your desktop, tablet and mobile so you can follow the stories as they develop throughout the day, anytime, anywhere.
  • The Daily Telegraph Tablet App for iPad and Android to access the daily edition of each day’s newspaper brought to life with extra video and extra picture galleries, 
  • A free 12 month digital magazine subscription - choose from great titles such as GQ, Golf Digest, Vogue Australia, Delicious and more, valued at up to $50.
  • A complimentary eBook each month from our curated Harper Collins collection, valued at up to $128.
  • Member-Only +Rewards and benefits which open up a world of Exclusive Discounts, Offers, and VIP Experiences, worth $100s a year.  See this month’s +Rewards at dailytelegraph.com.au/rewards.  


Offer strictly limited until 5pm, Friday 7 August, 2015.
Benefits include: 12 month digital subscription to our masthead websites DailyTelegraph.com.auHeraldSun.com.auCourierMail.com.au,Advertiser.com.au, and FoxSports.com.au, access to the Daily Telegraph tablet app (valued at $312), 1 x membership to SuperCoach Gold (valued at $19.95), 1 x 12 month Digital Magazine Subscription from NewsLifeMedia (valued at up to $50). 12 x Harper Collins eBooks total value $128.52 (valued at $10.71 each. eBook value calculations based on the average Harper Collins retail cost of featured eBooks between January 2015 - June 2015.). Exclusive Discounts, Offers and VIP Experiences (valued at $100+). Conditions apply for +Rewards, prices and rewards are correct as at the date of publication 01/07/2015 but are subject to change.

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