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In 2014, ANZ Stadium Members paid only $725+ and received over $2,800 worth of event tickets. That's amazing value!

There’s no two-ways about it, an ANZ Stadium Membership represents excellent value for money. With at least 40 events every year for one low annual fee, you will be way ahead of the average fan, whichever way you add it up.

The ANZ Stadium Membership is an annual Membership. New Members pay a one-off joining fee and an annual subscription fee. Once you are a Member you only pay the annual subscription fee every year thereafter to maintain your Membership.


One-off Joining fee* - $947 (normally $1,247)
2015 annual subscription - $743


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It's all about giving you the choice!

*Once you’ve joined you only pay the annual subscription fee of $740 (indexed) each year.

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