With your very own Centreline Seats, you enjoy an unbeatable view from a seat that's yours for every live event of the year.

Entertain and catch all the action of the best line-up. Indulge with our in-lounge service, exclusive dining options, concierge, and free wi-fi access and start living live to the full.

With your very own Centreline Seats you enjoy an unbeatable view from a

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Start living live to the full with these features

As the name suggests, Centreline Seats are located right at the centre of the action. The seat area runs between the 20 metre lines in the Western Grandstand, giving you a perfect view of the field plus a host of other features:

  • Guaranteed same seat every time
  • Extra comfy seat perfectly positioned on the Centreline
  • Additional aisles to give you even easier access
  • Personal Concierge
  • In-lounge service
  • Exclusive dining options
  • Full transferability to share the experience with clients, friends and family
  • Free Wi-Fi for faster online access


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All Events or Code Specific Packages

The versatility and luxury of Centreline Seats make them a popular corporate entertainment option.
Centreline Seats prices range from $800 to $4,000 each, depending on All Events or Code Specific Packages. So if you're a mad Rugby fan or a lover of all sports, we have a package for you.

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