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When you can size up the game in a single glance and your focus is so complete time seems to slow down. When everything you need is right within your reach. When you feel comfortable even though you’re under the most extraordinary pressure. That’s when you know you’re in the Zone.
Want to experience live events in the Zone? A range of multi-event packages are available. Alternatively, Zone Boxes can be purchased on an individual event basis. The Zone Boxes at ANZ Stadium vary in price depending on the event.

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Advantages that speak five-star style and service

ANZ Stadium Zone Boxes are available for groups of 8, 12 or 16. Positioned on Level 2 between the 20 metre lines, Zone Boxes are the ideal way to experience the game. You and your guests will enjoy:

  • A prime position and fantastic view of the field
  • Comfortable cushioned seats with cup holders
  • A gourmet menu and fridge stocked with premium beverages replenished throughout the game
  • Event programmes and merchandise to add to the event experience (excludes NRL Club games)
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The Cross Bar

THE event experience at ANZ Stadium has soared to a new level with the opening of The Crossbar – an exclusive new lounge and bar for premium ticketholders.

With an emphasis on design, ambience and style, The Crossbar – sitting pretty above the halfway line on the eastern side of the Olympic venue – is a new entertainment and hospitality area that represents unrivalled sporting experience for Zone Box clients and premium code and club ticket holders. 

Four bars, seven varieties of beers on tap, a range of premium wines and a modern pub-style food menu . . . this is a place you’ll want to be come game day.

Beer is the hero at The Crossbar with seven varieties on tap, including Heineken, Kosciuszko Pale Ale, James Squire One Fifty Lashes, James Squire Hop Thief, Tooheys New, Hahn Super Dry, Hahn Super Dry 3.5 and Tooheys 5 Seed Apple Cider. In addition, there are another nine beer varieties in bottle.

The menu features contemporary bar food including an Angus Beef burger with Swiss cheese, caramelised onions and chips; Memphis barbeque brisket roll with coleslaw; flour-dusted squid with chips and tartare; and buffalo wings with ranch dressing; just to name a delicious few.

Multiple Event Packages

Interested in a Zone Box for multiple events? ANZ Stadium offers the same premium location for a host of events with their Multiple Event Package.

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Enjoy the corporate experience in the thick of the atmosphere with an ANZ Stadium Zone Box. Positioned undercover on Level 2 between the 20 metre lines, a Zone Box is the ideal way to mix business with pleasure. ANZ Stadium’s Zone Boxes vary in price depending on the event.

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