• Celebrating 15 Years Since The 'Best Ever' Games

WHERE were you on the evening of 15 September 2000? When our golden girl Cathy Freeman lit the flame for a Sydney Olympics that were destined to become “the best ever” Games.

Were you at the Sydney Olympic Stadium that night? Or one of the 3.7 billion TV viewers around the world who tuned in to the momentous events unfolding in Sydney?

It’s been 15 years since we welcomed the world here at ANZ Stadium – 15 years since the exceptional Sydney Games became a turning point for our great city.

The 2000 Sydney Games were a true celebration of Olympic values and sporting excellence, but they were also a point in history – a fortnight that bonded Sydneysiders like never before and showed the world what an amazing city we live in.

One of the extraordinary characteristics of the Sydney Olympics was the number of volunteers – all 46,967 of them, which had grown from an original number of 500 as Sydneysiders embraced the Games.

The Sydney Olympics featured 199 competing countries and 10,651 athletes who marched in the parade of nations at the Olympic Stadium.

The Opening Ceremony was a stunning tribute to Australian culture, history and identity – highlighted by golden girl Freeman lighting the Olympic torch, igniting the flame in the cauldron within a circle of fire. The emotional moment helped symbolise the desire to reconcile with the Aboriginal populations of Australia.

Ten days later, in front of 112,524 fans, then the largest attendance for any sport in Olympics history, Cathy raced to gold in the women’s 400m.

Today, ANZ Stadium stands as a magnificent legacy of the Sydney Games, with more than 23 million fans having passed through the Stadium turnstiles to watch some of Australia’s most iconic sporting moments and biggest entertainment events.

Happy Olympics Birthday, Australia.

Favourite Sydney Olympics Memories Competition

AS the official home of the 2000 Olympics we're inviting all Sydneysiders to unite in celebration of the 15-Year Anniversary with our “Favourite Sydney Olympics Memories” competition.

Share your favourite Sydney Olympics memory on any or all of ANZ Stadium’s social pages for your chance to win a 2016 ANZ Stadium Membership for you and a mate.

Whether you attended events as a fan, were one of the thousands of volunteers, or watched from one of the live sites across the city - we want to relive the magical moments with you. All you need to do: share your favourite photos, videos and memories of Sydney 2000 on Twitter, Instagram or our Facebook page, along with the hashtag #thewinnerisSYDNEY for your chance to win! Comp closes Friday 25 September.

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