• Dinner & Cocktails

Fine dining, cocktail items and Live Stations - we have a number of options to dress up your evening function.

Our three-course fine dining menu will not leave you without choice as ANZ Stadium chefs offer a number of delicious five-star items to impress your guests.

Want to add another dimension to your dining experience? Book one or more of our Live Stations. From displays that include your own chef to slice up your perfect piece of roast or create your own sushi selection through to Laksa and Gelato Bars, these Stations are sure to draw a crowd.

If you're after a more casual setting, we have a number of event, gourmet and sweet cocktail dining options that can be matched to meet your needs.

To enquire, call (02) 8765 3102 or (02) 8765 3032 or submit an online enquiry today.

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